What Does NSK Bearing CTYN Mean

What does NSK Bearing CTYN mean

What Does NSK Bearing CTNY Mean ?

What does NSK Bearing CTYN Mean ? This question has
For NSK bearings, C means contact angle of 15 degrees, and TYN means bearing is resin cage.
For example:
Let’s take 7907CTYN SUL P4/NSK for example.
7 means this bearing belongs to angular contact ball bearing. 07 is inner diameter 35, C is contact angle of 15 degrees, TYN is resin cage, SU is free combination, L is light Tight, P4 is precision. NSK is short for bearing manufacturer.

General bearing contact angles are as follows

A:  Contact angle is 30°
B:  Contact angle is 40°
C:  Contact angle is 15°
AC/E/A5:  Contact angle is 25°

What Does NSK Bearing CTYN Mean-TYN is a model designation of bearing cage

Here TYN is called rolling element guide polyamide resin cage.
Commonly we call TYB as nylon cage.

SU is one kind of bearing combination

The combination marks are as follows
SU:  Universal combination single pack
DU:  Universal combination
DB:  Back to back (pair mounted) DBD back to back three rows DBB back to back four rows
DF:  Face-to-face (pair mounted) face-to-face 3,4 columns Same as above DFD DFF
DT:  Parallel combination (pair installation) Same as above DTD DTT

What Does NSK Bearing CTYN Mean-L is preload mark

Preload mardks are as below,
L: Light preload
M: Middle preload
H: Heavy preload
EL: Micro preload

P4 is bearing accuracy grade

General accuracy for angular contact ball bearings are P4 and P5
P4 accuracy is higher than P5, so the price for P4 level is also higher than P5.

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