Spindle Bearing Lubrication


Spindle Bearing Lubrication Importance:

Spindle bearing lubrication grease/oil is a special lubricating oil for the spindle bearings (for exmaple 7204CTYNSUL P4) of precision machine tools and similar equipment.
It plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and performance of the spindle and prolonging its service life.
Otherwise, if without lubrication, the rolling elements will have direct contact with the raceways, which will result in heat, race deterioration, rolling element deterioration and ultimately bearing/spindle failure.
Rolling-element spindle bearings require lubrication because even the best bearings experience significant sliding contact.

Performance Requirements for Spindle Bearing Lubricants:

1. Proper viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics

In order to prevent the temperature of the main shaft of the machine tool from being too high to cause thermal deformation of the machine tool, affecting the machining accuracy or causing poor bearing lubrication. Users should choose lubricating oil with a suitable temperature according to the spindle bearing structure, speed and bearing clearance, and require it to have good viscosity. In order to prevent large changes in the viscosity of the spindle due to large changes in the operating temperature and ambient temperature, which will affect its lubrication performance.

2. Good lubricity

Maintaining good lubrication performance plays a role in reducing friction and frictional heat, lowering the temperature rise of the spindle, and ensuring processing accuracy.
Therefore, good lubrication performance is essential.

3. Good oxidation resistance

When the machine tool spindle adopts the circulating lubrication method, the spindle bearing lubricant is required to be used for a long time without deterioration.
Therefore, the lubricant must to have good oxidation resistance.

4. Good rust resistance

If the anti-rust performance is not good, the bearing is easy to rust. After rusting, the bearing speed will become low, and it will be prone to jamming, which will affect the working efficiency and service life of the bearing. Severe conditions can also cause damage to the spindle.