NTN Bearings Prefix Suffix

NTN Bearings Prefix Suffix


NTN Bearings Prefix Suffix Introduction:

NTN bearings prefix suffix meaning is different for different codes.
It’s essential to know the meaning of different prefixes and suffixes.

Front code, special purpose code, material heat treatment code:

4T: 4T tapered roller bearings. For example, 4T-3780/3720 bearing
ET: ET tapered roller bearings.
EAT: ET+ special heat treatment.
E: Heat treatment of bearing surface.
EA: Nitriding hard treatment.
TA: Nitriding heat treatment (SUJ3).
TM: Special heat-treated steel (SUJ3).
F: Stainless steel.
N: High-speed bearing.
M: Electroplated bearings.
5S: Ceramic rolling elements.
HL: HL roller bearing.
ECO: ECO-TOP tapered roller bearings.
LH: High temperature and long life bearing, dimensionally stable treatment (up to 250°C high temperature).
TS3: Dimensionally stable treatment (up to 200°C high temperature).
TS4: Dimensionally stable treatment (up to 250°C high temperature).

Contact angle Cod for NTN Bearings Prefix Suffix:

Angular contact ball bearings

A: Contact angle 30°, for example 7206A bearing
B: Contact angle 40°
C: Contatc angle 15°

Tapered roller bearings

B: The contact angle is greater than 10° to 17°
C: The contact angle is greater than 17° to 24°
D: The contact angle is greater than 24° to 32°

Internal change code for NTN Bearings Prefix Suffix:

U: Internal interchangeable tapered roller bearings.
R: Non-interchangeable tapered roller bearings.
ST: Low torque tapered roller bearings.
HT: High axial load cylindrical bearing.

Cage code:

L1: High-strength car-made brass cage.
F1: Car-made carbon steel cage.
G1: Square hole high-strength brass rivetless cage.
G2: Cut type cage.
J: Stamped steel cage.
T2: Resin cage.

Seal cover/dust cover code:

LLB: Rubber sealing ring (non-contact).
LLU: Rubber sealing ring (contact). For example, NTN 6307LLU bearing
LLH: Rubber sealing ring (low torque).
ZZ: Steel plate sealing cover.

External change code:

K: Cone inner diameter, standard ratio 1:12.
K30: The standard ratio of cone inner diameter is 1:30.
N: There is a stop groove.
NR: There is a stop ring.
D: There are oil holes.
D1: There are oil grooves and oil holes.

Dual configuration code:

DB: arranged back to back.
DF: Arrange face to face.
DT: arranged side by side.
D2: Double bearing.
G: Free combination.

Internal clearance/preload code:

C2: The clearance is less than normal.
CN: Normal clearance.
C3: The clearance is greater than normal.
C4: Clearance is greater than C3.
C5: Clearance is greater than C4.
CM: Clearance for the motor.
/GL: Light preload.
/GN: Ordinary preload.
/GM: Medium preload.
/GH: Heavy preload.

Precision code:

P6: JIS level 6.
P5: JIS grade 5.
P4: JIS level 4.
P2: JIS level 2.
2: ABMA Level 2.
3: ABMA level 3.
0: ABMA level 0.
00: ABMA 00 level.

Lubricant code:

/2A: Shell Alvania2 grease.
/3A: Shell Alvania3 grease.
/8A: Shell AlvaniaEP2i grease.
/LX11: Barierta JFE552
/LPO3: Thermosetting plastic (solid grease).