Bearing Rings Manufacturing Steps

bearing rings


Bearing Rings’ Importance:

Bearing rings are important parts of bearings, and their function is also very important.
Due to the wide variety of rolling bearings, as a resultl the ring size, structure, manufacturing equipment, and process methods of different types of bearings are different.

Due to the complicated processing procedures and high machining accuracy requirements, the processing quality of bearing rings will influence bearings accuracy, service life and performance.

Manufacturing Steps:

1. Forging
The toughness and strength of the ferrule will reduce if overburning, overheating, internal cracking into a network of carbides are produced during the forging process.
Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the processing temperature, cyclic heating and heat dissipation conditions after forging (such as spray cooling), etc.
Especially after the final forging of larger varieties of ferrules, the temperature is above 700 ℃, and shall not be stacked.

2. Heat treatment
Close monitoring of heat treatment equipment is an important job in the workshop. Monitor the reliability of the equipment. Important temperature control instruments such as meters and thermocouples must be closely monitored to ensure that the measurement data is accurate and reliable. Those with excessive errors must be replaced in time, and operation with diseases is strictly prohibited.

3. Monitoring of grinding process
The finished imported bearing rings are not allowed to have grinding burns and grinding cracks, especially on the mating surface of the inner ring screwdriver.
If the ferrule is pickled, it should be fully inspected to remove the burned product.
If it is severely burned, it should not be repaired or repaired unqualified should be scrapped. Ferrules with grinding burns are not allowed to enter the assembly process.

4. Marking management
Every process must be strictly managed after the steel is put into storage and before the ferrule is ground.
GCR15 and GCR15SIMN two different materials must be strictly distinguished.

Rings Installation Method:

When installing the bearing ring, pay special attention to the installation sequence.
For precision bearings, pay attention to the positive and negative ends.
Reverse installation will cause dynamic imbalance and affect the performance of bearings.

The axial positioning of super-precision angular contact ball bearings usually uses a lock nut or an end cover. These components require high geometric accuracy and good mechanical strength to provide stable support and positioning.

The tightening torque Mt of precision lock nuts or end cap bolts must be large enough to ensure that all components (including bearings) are positioned without deformation and damage.