Spherical Roller Bearing Overheating and Solutions

Spherical Roller Bearing Overheating and Solutions


Spherical Roller Bearing Overheating and Solutions:

Spherical Roller Bearing Overheating and Solutions:

1. The installation position of the spherical roller bearing is incorrect.
Adjust the bearing installation position.

2. The bearing accuracy grade does not meet the requirements.
It is better to use the bearings with the specified accuracy class for the bearings used.

3. Bearing spindle in use is bent or the box hole is not concentric to cause heating.
The solution is to repair the spindle.

4. The bearing belt is too tight.
Adjust the belt to make it tight.

5. Poor lubrication causes heat.
Use the lubrication materials of the specified grades and clean them appropriately.

6. Low assembly quality causes heat generation.
Improve assembly quality.

7. Rolling bearing inner shell running circle causes heat.
Replace the bearing and related wear parts, correct the diameter of the impeller balance hole and check the static balance value.

8. The axial force is too large.
Clean and adjust the seal ring clearance requirements

Maintenance of Spherical Roller Bearings:

Spherical roller bearings are precision parts, their applications are as below,
Papermaking machinery, reduction gears, railway vehicle axles, rolling mill gearbox bearing seats, rolling mill rolls, crushers, vibrating screens (for example 22340 CCJA/W33VA405 ), printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various industrial reducers, etc.

Users must use and maintain spherical roller bearings accordingly. No matter how high-performance bearings are used, if users don’t use and maintain them properly, bearings can’t achieve high performance.

When disassembling the spherical roller bearing for inspection, firstly use photography and other methods to make a record of its appearance.
In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing.

A. The cleaning of the spherical roller bearing is divided into rough cleaning and fine cleaning, and a metal grid can be placed at the bottom of the container in use.
B. When rough washing, use a brush in oil to remove grease or adhesions. At this time, if the bearing is rotating in oil, be careful that the rolling surface may be damaged by foreign matter.
C. During fine washing, slowly rotate the double-row spherical roller bearing in oil.
D. The most common cleaning agent is neutral non-aqueous diesel or kerosene. Sometimes a warm lye or the like is necessary. No matter what kind of cleaning agent it is, it must be filtered frequently in order to keep clean. After cleaning, immediately apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease on the double-row spherical roller bearings.

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