How to Improve Spindle Bearings Performance

improve spindle bearings performance


Improve Spindle Bearings Performance Importance:

Improve spindle bearings performance is very important.
Spindle bearings are the most important components in various kinds of machines. Once the spindle tool bearing fails, it will directly cause the engine to stop running.
In order to improve the reliability of the engine, we must take certain measures to improve the efficiency of the bearing.

Methods To Improve Spindle Bearings Performance:

1. Improve processing accuracy.
To improve the machining accuracy of each component of the bearing, it should not be lower than the level 4 (P4) accuracy.
When assembling, check the bearing according to the content specified in the special technical conditions, such as visual inspection, check whether there are surface defects and rust that exceed the regulations, and recheck the size and original clearance of the fit.

2. The amount of deflection between the bearing ring and the axis should not be large.
The deflection of the bearing ring and the axis under working conditions cannot exceed the allowable standard.
For example, for bearings with a life greater than 1000h, the deflection must not exceed 0.5′.

3. Use ball bearings with 3-point contact.
Replacing a 4-point contact ball bearing with a 3-point radial thrust ball bearing can improve the reliability of the bearing.

4. Use steel cage.
Use a steel cage to replace the bronze cage, and the surface of the cage is best plated with silver.

5. Ensure the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings is lower than 5℃.
If the heat of the bearing can be effectively taken away and kept a more uniform temperature field between the inner ring and outer ring, the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings should be higher than 5 ℃.

6. Select the proper gap between the end face of the roller rod and the rib.
In roller bearings, the axial clearance between the end face of the roller and the rib should be between 0.04 and 0.06 mm.
If the gap greater or less than this value will reduce the reliability of the roller bearing.

7. Use fine oil filter.
Use a high degree of filtration oil filter (the degree of filtration is preferably 5~15μm) to filter the lubricating oil.

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