Bearing Storage

bearing storage


Bearing Storage Necessity:

Bearing storage – The conditions in which bearings are stored can have adverse effects on operational performance.
Inventory control also exerts an important role on bearing performance, particularly sealed bearings.

Storage Guide:

1. Keep the original packaging and do not open it arbitrarily.
If you find the packaging damaged, open the pacakge, clean it and re-oil the bearing.

2. The relative humidity of the storage room should not exceed 60%, and the temperature variation should not be too large (not over 8°C).
The bearings in the original packaging can be stored for several years.
Sealed bearings or bearings with dust covers, after long-term storage, the lubrication characteristics of the grease may be reduced.

3. The storage room should also be anti-vibration and shaking.
Bearings that are not stored in the original packaging should be properly stored.
It is strictly forbidden to put the bearings together with corrosive things should not be stored in the same place with bearings to prevent corrosion and pollution.

4. When storing large rolling bearings, pls pay special attention.
For large bearings, they can only be placed flat, and the sides of the inner and outer rings should all be supported.
If stored vertically, the weight of bearing rings and rolling elements may cause permanent deformation to the bearing because the ring walls are relatively thin.

5. Storing bearings on shelves.
Bearings should preferably be stored horizontally to avoid damage that could be caused from the bearing falling over.

Storage Time for Bearings:

Certain types of bearings have limited storage life.
A. with open bearings, the protective oil provides protection against corrosion for roughly 5 years, as long as storage conditions are appropriate.
B. under optimal conditions (60% relative humidity and 20°C maximum temperature), bearings can be stored for up to 10 years.
C. the maximum storage period for double shielded bearings (metallic) is 2 years.
D. for double sealed bearings, the maximum storage period is 3 years.

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