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4.056 Combined Roller Bearing 40056, MR0023 Winkel Standard Combined Bearing

  1. Model: 4.056, 40056, MR0023
  2. Size: 40*77.7*48mm
  3. Weight: 1kg
  4. Strucutre: combined radial thrust bearing
  5. MOQ: 1pc

4.057 Bearing MR0024 Combination Bearings 40*77.7*54mm

d: 40mm D: 77.7mm T: 54mm H: 40.7mm Weight: 0.87kg Bolt tolerance: –0.05 mm Structure: Combined bearing, combination bearing, high load cam followers Also Known As: 4.057, MR0024, MR 0024, MR-0024, MR0004, MR 0004, MR-0004 and so on

4.061 MR0007 Winkel Combined Roller Bearing MR0027 60*107.7*71mm

  1. Model Number: 4.061, MR0007, MR0027, MR.027
  2. Size: 60*107.7*71mm
  3. Weight: 2.82kg/pc
  4. Application: Material handling loaders and unloading machines, Palletizers, Cranes and hoists, etc

4.062 Winkel Combined Bearing MR0029, 400-0062 Axial Bearing

  1. Model Number: 4.062, MR.029, MR0029, 4062
  2. Weight: 3.95kg/pc
  3. Material: chrome steel
  4. Structure: combined roller bearing
  5. MOQ: 1pc

4.063 Combined Roller Bearing MR.030 Forklift Mast Guide Roller

d: 60mm/2.362 inch D: 149mm/5.866 inch B: 78.5mm/3.091 inch Mass: 6.52kg/ 14.37lb Certificate: ISO9001: 2015 Material: Hardned steel En 31 - SAE 52100 Lubrication: Standard chevron SRI-2 Grease Strucuture: Combined radial-thrust bearings Interchange Numbers: 4.063, MR.030, HD-063 and so on

4.461 Axial Single Row Roller Bearing Adjustable 60*107.7*69mm

  1. Size: 60*107.7*69mm
  2. Structure: combined roller bearing
  3. Number of Row: single row
  4. Material: chrome steel
  5. MOQ: 1pc