Preparations Before Bearing Mounting

preparations before bearing mounting


Preparations Before Bearing Mounting Necessity:

Preparations before bearing mounting is neccessry since bearings are precision parts.
In order to maintain their accuracy and reliability, special attention must be paid before installation.

Preparations Before Mounting:

① Do not open the package before use, nor place it after opening the package.
② Keep the environment clean.
③ Use the specified bearing assembly tools and ensure that all pressing blocks, driving plates, hammers and other mounting devices are clean, free of burrs, and of the correct size.

④ Do not use cloth that will produce cloth scraps, and do not use dirty cloth.
⑤ Assemble only after cleaning the surrounding parts.
⑥ Do not touch the bearing directly with your hands.
⑦ Do not make any modifications to the products.

Preparation Procedure:

Preparation Procedure

Warm Note:

Burrs, dirt, and other contaminants that infiltrate the bearing before and during mounting will cause noise and vibration during subsequent operation.

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