We produce double row angular contact ball bearing structure and double row taper roller bearing structure wheel hub bearings.

Every automobile employs wheel bearings at each wheel to decrease friction. Most modern vehicles may use a heart assembly which has the wheel and hub bearing. Some older vehicles may use wheel bearings which are separate parts and are installed at the heart, rotor or spindle.

Some wheel bearings have been incorporated with the brake rotor, but many are not. Wheel bearings are crucial to decreasing friction between your wheel hearts as well as the spindle. Signs of wear can be tough to pin down, however a foolproof way to check would be to catch a suspended wheel from the top and underside, and trick it out and in to search for extra wear.

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40202-CA06C Bearing 513310 Hub Bearing Unit for NISSAN MURANO

Model Number: 40202-CA06C, 40202-CA010, 513310, 713310 Application: Nissan Murano Mass: 3.3kg/unit Material: Chrome steel, Gcr15 Warranty: 1 year or 50000km Package: Individual paper box + carton

40202-EA300 Bearing 515065 Wheel Hub Bearing With ABS Sensor For Nissan

Interchange Numbers: 40202-EA300, 40202-4X01A,515065 Warranty:  1 year or 50000km Package: Individual paper box + paper carton Application: Nissan Navara Pathfinder Category: Wheel hub bearing assembly with ABS Mass: 4KG/set

40202-EB71A Hub Bearing 3DUF050-7 Wheel Bearing Replacement

Item Number: 40202-EB71A, 3DUF050-7 Application: Nissan Navara D40 etc Material: Gcr15 steel Warranty: 1 year or 50000km Weight:4.5kg/set Package: Individual paper box + carton MOQ: 10 sets

50kwh01 Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly MR594954 For Mitsubishi Pajero

Model Number: 50kwh02, MR594954 Application: Mitsubishi Pajero Warranty: 1 year or 50000km Package: Individual paper box Service: OEM MOQ: 10PCS Mass: 4.2KG/unit

54KWH01 Bearing 90369-T0003 Wheel Hub Bearing 43560-60010 For Toyota

Interchange: 54KWH01, DU5496-5,515040, 43502-34210 Material: 51200, Chrome Steel Mass:2kg/pc for 54KWH01 bearing Warranty: 1 year or 50000km Service: OEM & ODM Package: Individual paper box + carton + wooden pallet

54kwh02 Wheel Bearing 43560-26010 Front Hub Bearing VKBA7497

Item: 54kwh02,43560-26010,VKBA7497 Material: 51200, Chrome Steel Weight: 2.2 kg/pc Size: 54x120x62.1mm Warranty: 1 year or 50000km Application: Toyota Hiace Front Wheel Hub

BAH-0051 Bearing GB40547 Wheel Bearing Replacement 37*72*33

Size: 37*72*33mm Weight: 0.572kg/pc ABS: Without ABS Material: Chrome steel, Gcr15 Closure: Metal seal or rubber seal on 2 sides Interchange: BAH 0051, BAH-0051, BAH-0051AA, BAH-0051 B, GB40547 and so on

BAH-0055 Wheel Bearing BAH-0055 AX Auto Bearing 37*72.04*37

ID: 37mm OD: 72.04mm Width: 37mm Mass: 0.55kg ABS: With ABS Interchange:BAH-0055, BAH-0055AAX, BAH-0055 AX, DAC37720437ABS, XGB41140P, VKBA3539, VKBA3581 and so on

BTH1215C Bearing BTH-1215 C Wheel Bearing 55*90*54mm

Dimensions: 55mm x 90mm x 54mm/Metric Mass: 1.26KG ABS: with ABS Structure: double row taper roller bearing Interchange: BTH1215C, BTH-1215C, DU55900054 Samples: available

DAC35640035 Car Wheel Bearing 35×64×35 Wheel Hub Bearing

Inner Diameter: 35mm Outer Diameter: 64mm Height: 35mm Weight: 0.46kg Material: chrome steel Gcr15 Lubrication: standard grease Structure: wheel hub bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing

DU42820040 ABS Bearing 42KWD11 Rear Wheel Bearing 90366-T0060

Inner Diameter: 42mm Outer Diameter: 82mm Width: 40mm Mass: 0.92kg ABS: with ABS Lubrication: grease Structure: double row taper roller bearing Warranty: 50000KM or 1 year

FC40725 Bearing BTH-1233 Wheel Hub Bearing Replacement DU25620048

Size: 25x62x48 mm Mass: 0.79kg/pc Material: Chrome steel, Gcr15 Structure: Double row taper roller bearing Tapered Roller Pair Internal Play:No Internal Play specified Interchange Numbers: FC40725, BTH-1233, BTH1233, DU25620048, 7701206328