What Type Bearing Has Less Noise


What Will Cause the Noise of Bearings?

Bearing noise refers to the slight running noise when the bearing is running. This noise is expressed in decibels(dB).
Bearing noise will not only affect the quality of use, but also bring a lot of trouble to the equipments. Under normal circumstances, there will be noise during use, while the intrusion of foreign substances will directly cause a certain noise during the operation bearings.
In addition, improper lubrication, improper installation, bearing wear, loose cage damage and other reasons will cause bearings to emit various noises.

What type bearing has less noise?

1. The noise of ball structure bearings is lower than that of roller structure bearings.
Bearings with less sliding have less noise than bearings with more sliding.
The larger the number of balls, the thicker the outer ring and the less noise.

2. Bearings with solid cages have lower noise than that of bearings using stamped cages.

3. Plastic bearing cages have lower noise than that of bearings with solid cages and stamped cages(also known as press cages).

4. High-precision bearings, especially those with higher rolling element precision, have lower noise than low-precision bearings.

5. Small size bearings are less noisy than large bearings.

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