How to Choose an Angular Contact Ball Bearing

how to choose an angular contact ball bearing


How to Choose an Angular Contact Ball Bearing

When choosing an angular contact ball bearing, below three factors should be taken into consideration.

1. Select an appropriate contact angle

The contact angle of a angular contact ball bearings is very important for bearing selection.
Except common angles such as 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees and 60 degrees, the contact angle also includes non-standard angles such as 18 degrees and 21 degrees.
The larger the contact angle, the greater the axial force the bearing can withstand, which is suitable for low-speed and heavy-load applications.
While bearings with a small contact angle are suitable for high-speed and light-load applications.

2. Select angular contact ball bearings with appropriate precision according to applications

In addition to dimensional accuracy, bearings also have rotational accuracy.
Angular contact ball bearings have 4 rotation accuracies, namely outer diameter jump, inner diameter jump, outer end jump, and inner end jump.
If the rotation accuracy is not up to standard, the bearing is not only noisy during operation, but also easy to heat up, resulting in premature failure.
When selecting angular contact ball bearings, it is not necessarily that the higher the accuracy, the better.
The appropriate accuracy should be selected according to bearing application and cost budget.

3. The amount of lubricant grease

Too much grease injection into the bearing will reduce the bearing clearance, and the bearing will easily heat up during operation.
While too little grease may cause local oil-free friction, which easily damage the raceway and cause early failure.

As a professional angular contact ball bearing manufacturer, we control the amount of grease injected into bearing strictly.
Moreover, we check with a precision electronic scale after injecting grease.

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