Ball Screw Support Bearing Code Comparison

Ball Screw Support Bearing Code Comparison

For ball screw support bearings, different manufactures have different code for the same model number.

Below is ball screw support bearing code comparison for common brands.

BS1547TN 15TAC 47B
BS1747TN 17TAC 47B BST17X 47-1B
BS2047TN BSB020047T BSD2047 20TAC 47B BST20X 47-1B
BS2562TN BSB025062T BSD2562 25TAC 62B BST25X 62-1B
BS3062TN BSB030062T BSD3062 30TAC 62B BST30X 62-1B
BS3572TN BSB035072T BSD3572 35TAC 72B BST35X 72-1B
BS4072TN BSB040072T BSD4072 40TAC 72B BST40X 72-1B
BS4090TN BSB040090T BSD4090 40TAC 90B BST40X 90-1B
BS4575TN BSB045075T BSD4575 45TAC 75B BST45X 75-1B
BS45100TN BSD45100 45TAC 100B BST45X 100-1B
BS50100TN BSB050100T 50TAC 100B BST50X 100-1B
BS5590TN BSB055090T
BS55100TN BSB055100T 55TAC 100B BST55X 100-1B
BS55120TN BSB055120T 55TAC 120B BST55X 120-1B
BS60120TN BSB060120T 60TAC 120B BST60X 120-1B
760202TN 7602015TVP BSA202 15TAC02AT85
760203TN 7602017TVP BSA203
760204TN 7602020TVP BSA204 20TAC02AT85
760205TN 7602025TVP BSA205 25TAC02AT85
760206TN 7602030TVP BSA206
760207TN 7602035TVP BSA207
760208TN 7602040TVP BSA208
760209TN 7602045TVP
760210TN 7602050TVP
760304TN 7603020TVP
760305TN 7603025TVP BSA305
760306TN 7603030TVP BSA306
760307TN 7603035TVP BSA307

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