Anti Rust Oil For Bearings

anti rust oil for bearings


Anti Rust Oil For Bearings’ Importance:

Anti rust oil for bearings not only requires good physical and chemical properties, but also can play a role in lubricating, reducing vibration and noise.
Therefore, the cleanliness and damping effect of the oil are important indicators in the selection of base oils and additives.

Key Points of Bearing Anti-rust Oil:

1. Cleanliness of oil products

Impurities is an important factor affecting the vibration value of the bearing.
The impurities in the grease will have a bad influence on the noise of the bearing and reduce the service life of the bearing.
The reason is that the integrity of the elastic fluid lubricating film is destroyed, which will cause bearing wear.
Therefore, it is necessary to filter and refine the bearing anti-rust oil to eliminate the adverse effects of impurities as much as possible.
In addition, the formation of precipitation, skinning, delamination will increase the vibration value of the bearing.
Therefore, the clear and transparent bearing anti-rust oil can reduce the vibration value of the bearing.

2. The choice of base oil

The anti-rust oil is composed of base oil and additives. As the carrier of additives, base oil generally accounts for 80%~90%.
Therefore, the performance of the base oil largely determines the basic performance of the finished anti-rust oil.
The value of bearing vibration decreases with the increase of lubricating oil viscosity.
Therefore, while satisfying the flash point safety index and low aromatic content, the lower the kinematic viscosity of the base oil, the better.

3. Selection of anti-rust additives in anti-rust oil

Generally, we use several oil additives to improve the anti-rust performance.
The anti-rust additive is a linear molecular substance, one end is a polar group, which can be firmly bonded to the metal surface of the bearing steel after adsorption.
The other end is a non-polar group dissolved in a solvent, and the non-polar group faces outwards.
A dense additive adsorption layer is formed on the surface to prevent the adsorption and condensation of water molecules.
The performance of the rust inhibitor will effect the purity and stability of the rust inhibitor.
Many of the raw materials used in the production of rust inhibitors are highly corrosive acidic substances.
If the reaction product is not refined enough, the residual corrosive substances will exceed the standard, and a rust reaction will occur in the standing water.
At the same time, the synthesis of rust inhibitors is an organic chemical reaction, the reaction speed is slow and the control process is complicated.
These factors directly affect the performance and quality of rust inhibitors.

Principles When Selecting Anti-rust Oil:

1. Have good resistance to humidity and heat, salt spray, and overlap resistance
2. Have stable oil solubility
3. By adding a certain oil-based anti-friction and viscosity-reducing agent, increase the adhesion of the oil film and improve vibration reduction effect and prolong bearings’ service life

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