Wheel Hub Bearings

wheel hub bearings


Wheel Hub Bearings Introduction:

Wheel hub bearings connect the tire (rotating part)/brake disc (rotating part) and the knuckle (fixed part). Their main function is to reduce friction for the rotating pair and transmit force. Wheel hub bearing bears large radial load (vehicle weight) and axial load (lateral force or lateral impact force of the tire when turning).

Hub Bearing Categories:

According to rolling elements, wheel hub bearings can be divided into ball bearings and tapered roller bearings.
Ball bearings have higher revolving speed compared with roller bearings.
While roller bearings can bear heavier loads compared with ball bearings.
Generally wheel bearings for passenger cars are ball bearings.
While for heavy-duty vehicle (engineering vehicles and large SUV, pickups, etc.), wheel bearings are roller bearings.

Wheel Hub Bearings Size Chart:

Model Number Size(mm)
BAH-0055 AAX 37*72.04*37
BAH-0068 D 40*75*37
BAH-0072 AB 37*72*33
BAH-0077 DX 37*74*37
BAH-0086 40*75*37
BAH-0106 DX 38,993*72*37
BAH-0108 D 39*72*37
BAH-0117 42*80*34/36
BAH-0122 47*83*37
BAH 0155 42*78*40
BAH 0178 (BAH0186) 42*82*36
BAH-0185 42*82*36
BAH-5000 AA 25*56*32
BAH-5001 A 35*66*32
BAHB 309796 BA 42*76*37-40
BAHB 309797 C 45*84*39
BAHB 311315 BD 39*68*37
BAHB 311316 B 34*62*37
BAHB-311396 B 39*72*37
BAHB 311413 A 42*82*37
BAHB 311424 B 42*75*37
BAHB 311443 B 40*72*37
BAHB 633528 F 35*68*37
BAHB 633791 42*75,07*37
BAHB 633815 AA 39/41*75*37
BAHB 633966 BB 40*75*37
BAHB 633967 35*68*37
BAHB 636035 A 30*72*37
BAHB 636060 C 40*74*40
BAHB 636096 A 39*74*39
BAHB 636114 A 34*66*37
BAHB 636149 BC 45*84*39
BAHB 636187 C 40*80*34/36
BAHB-636193 C 38*70*37
BAHB 636214 A 45*43*85*37
BAQB-446375 C 17*62*17

How to Judge Whether the Wheel Hub Bearing is Broken Or Not ?

1. Place the car on the lift, rotate the wheels vigorously to see if the wheels jam, and evaluate whether the drag torque of the wheels is normal.
If the steel balls are not well lubricated or out of round, as a result, jamming or increased drag torque will occur.
2. Pay attention that if there is abnormal noise in the direction of the wheels during normal driving.
If the steel ball is not well lubricated, the first problem is abnormal noise.
If there is no abnormal noise, generally there is no problem.
3. In addition, since most of the signal sources (magnetic poles or rings) of wheel speed sensors are integrated on the bearing, if the wheel speed signal has a problem, the instrument panel will report a fault code and an ABS fault light point as shown in the figure below bright.

ABS error

Therefore, if the ABS fault light is always on, it is also possible that the magnetic pole of the bearing is damaged.

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