How to Heat Up a Bearing

how to heat up a bearing


Why Do We Need to Heat Up a Bearing

When the inner diameter of a bearing is over 70mm, or when the interference is large, we usually heat up the bearing thermally to expand the bearing hole. The purpose is to save time and effort for installation and avoid bearing damage caused by excessive force.

Usually we heat the bearing to 80°C, and the highest is 100°C. Exceeding 120°C will cause the bearing to temper, which will reduce the hardness and accuracy of the ring.

Bearing Heating Up Methods:

1. Electric hot plate heating method

Place the bearing on a hot plate with a temperature of 100°C for a few minutes. This method is the easiest. Turning over several times can make the bearing heat evenly, and the efficiency is also high. This method can be used for large and small bearings.

2. Electric furnace heating method

The bearing is heated in a closed automatic temperature-controlled electric furnace. This method is characterized by uniform heating, accurate temperature control and fast heating. This heating method is suitable for heating many bearings in one batch.

3. Induction heating method

We use induction heaters to heat bearings to the desired temperature quickly, reliably and cleanly. This method is especially suitable for occasions where the inner ring is tightly fitted. Since only the inner ring is heated, and the outer ring is less heated, it can be easily installed on the shaft and into the seat hole.

4. Light bulb heating method

Using a 50W light bulb to heat the bearing can ensure that the heating temperature is around 100°C. Smaller bearings can be placed directly on the bulb. Larger bearings can be placed in the bulb’s conical cover, which prevents heat loss from the bulb and allows for even heating. The conical cover can be adjusted up and down, and it can adapt to heating bearings of different sizes within a certain range. This light bulb saves energy. The bulb heating method is suitable for occasions where the number of bearings is small and the bearing is not frequently heated. The light bulb can also be used for lighting at ordinary times, and no other equipment is required.

5. Oil tank heating method

This is the most widely used traditional heating method. A metal mesh is set at 50-70mm from the bottom of the oil tank, and the bearing is placed on the mesh. For large bearings, use hooks to hoist the large bearings. Bearings should not be placed directly on the bottom of the groove to prevent contact with the bottom of the groove.

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