Eccentric Bearings Introduction

Eccentric Bearings Introduction

1. Eccentric Bearing Structure

It mainly includes outer ring, inner ring, rolling element basket and rolling element.
The eccentric bearing has a simple structure and is easy to use. As a result, it realizes the eccentric function without eccentric shaft, therefore, it greatly simplifies the eccentric mechanism and saves labor on the eccentric mechanism machining.
Moreover, it is time-saving and easy to assemble, which reduces the manufacturing cost of eccentric mechanism.

2. Eccentric Bearings Feature

The inner hole of the inner ring is an eccentric hole, and there is a longitudinal key groove on the inner side wall of the eccentric hole.

3. Eccentric Bearings Classification

One is a double-layer double-row tapered roller eccentric bearing. The cylindrical roller is a single-layer raceway small clearance or negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing. Users usually install it on both sides of the plate cylinder and impression cylinder of the printing machine.

The other is a double-layer raceway with internal and external eccentric negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing unit, which is installed on both sides of the rubber cylinder of the printing press. Because of its special structure, hollow cylindrical roller bearings have strong vibration absorption capacity, long precision life and overload protection compared with conventional rolling bearings.

4. Eccentric Bearings Application

Eccentric bearings have wide application.
For example, speed reducer, petrochemical, textile, metallurgy, mining, steel mills, light and heavy machinery, etc.

5. Precautions for the Usage

(1) Keep eccentric bearings and their surrounding environment clean.

Even if the invisible smile dust enters the eccentric bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the eccentric bearing.

(2) Users must take care during installing and using.

Strong punching is not allowed, hammers are not allowed to directly hit the eccentric bearing, and pressure is not allowed to pass through the rolling elements.

(3) Use appropriate and accurate installation tools.

Try to use special tools, while avoid using cloth and short fibers.

(4) Prevent the rust of the integral eccentric bearings.

When picking the integral eccentric bearing directly by hand, wash away the sweat from your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operating. Pay special attention to rust prevention in the rainy season and summer.

Common Bearing Suffixes Meaning:

K: Indicates that the outer diameter of the eccentric bearing has changed.
For example: The outer diameter of 300752904K is 61.80mm.

K2: Indicates that the inner diameter of the bearing has changed.
For example: the inner diameter of 350752904K2 is 19.00mm.

K1: Indicates that the outer diameter and inner diameter of the bearing have changed.
For example: the inner diameter of 300752904K1 is 19.00mm and outer diameter size is 70.00mm.

Y1: The outer diameter size has changed on the basis of the K1 size.
For example: the inner diameter of 300752904Y1 is 19.00mm and outer diameter size is 61.80mm.