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ucf206 Plummer Block Bearing ucf 206 Pillow Block Bearing

Mass: 1.1kg/set Shaft Dia/ID: 30mm Insert Bearing: UC206 Bearing Housing: F206 Limiting Speed: 6000 rpm Bearing Material: Gcr15 steel Housing Material: Cast iron

ucfl 202 Bearing UCFL202 Mounted Bearing and Housing UCFL202 D1

Inner: 15mm Outer: 113mm Width (B): 33.3mm Weight (kg): 0.46 Material: Gcr15 steel + cast iron Lubrication: Pre-lubricated, maintance free Also Know As: ucfl 202, ucfl202, UCFL202 D1, FYTB15TF, UCFL202J

UCFL 208 Pillow Bearing UCFL208D1 Bearing With Two Bolts

Shaft Dia:40mm Weight: 1.5kg/set Insert Bearing: UC208 Bearing Housing: FL208 Material: Chrome steel for bearing, cast iron for housing D1: Relube type, bearing filled with standard Alvania Grease 3 Also Known As: ucfl 208, UCFL208, UCFL208D1, FYTB 40 TF, UC208D1 + FL208D1

UCFL204 Pedestal Bearing UCFL 204 Pillar Block Bearing

Mass: 0.43kg/set Insert Ball Bearing: UC204 Bearing Housing: FL204 Material: chrome steel for ball bearing, cast iron for housing Interchange: UCFL204, UCFL 204, FYTB 20 TF, UC204 + FL204, UCFL204-J7 Application: agricultural machinery, transportation systems, construction machinery

UCP 208 Bearing UCP208 Pedestal Bearing UC208 With Housing P208

ID: 40mm Mass: 2.02kg/set Seal: 2RS or 2Z Ball Bearing: UC208 Bearing Housing: P208 Material: Cast iron + chrome steel Structure: Pillow block bearings, pedestal bearing

UCP 210 Heavy Duty Pillow Block Bearings UC210 With P210 Bearing Housing

Mass: 2.7kg/set Insert Bearing: UC210 Bearing Housing: P210 Lubrication: Pre-lubricated, grease Material: Chrome steel for UC210, cast iron for P210 Cross Reference: UCP 210, UCP210, UCP210D1, SY 50 TF, UC210 + P210, YAR210-2F + SY510M

UCP 212 Bearing UCP212 Heavy Duty Pillow Block Bearings Housing P212

ID: 60mm Mass: 4.45kg/set Limiting Speed: 3200RPM Bearing Material: Chrome steel Bearing Housing Material: Cast iron Cross Reference: UCP 212, UCP212, UCP212D1, SYJ 60 TF, SYJ60TF, UC212 + P212, YAR212-2F + SYJ512M

UCP211 Pedestal Bearing UCP211 D1 Pillow Mount Bearing ID 55mm

Mass: 3.5kg/set Insert Bearing: UC211 Bearing Housing:P211 Limiting Speed: 3500rpm Sealing: Standard seals with additional flingers Interchange: UCP211, UCP 211, UCP211D1, SYJ55TF, SYJ 55 TF, UC211 + P211, YAR211-2F + SYJ511

UCPH 204 Pillow Bearing UCPH 204 Pedestal Bearing Housing PH204

ID: 20mm Mass: 0.96kg/set Bearing: UC204 Housing: PH204 Material: Gcr15 steel Seal: Standard 2RS seal Also Known As: UCPH204, UCPH 204, UC204 + PH204