Precision Bearing Features

precision bearing


Precision Bearing Introduction:

Precision bearing can be used in many applications, for example lathes, grinders, precision testing equipment, automation equipment, etc.
With the rapid development of CNC technology, the machine tool industry has higher requirements for precision bearings, which are mainly reflected in the aspects of high precision, high speed, high rigidity, high reliability, high adaptability, low noise, and long life.
For this reason, our precision bearings have been improved in the following aspects:

1. Product Design

We apply the finite element analysis method to combine design and analysis methods to advance the best design techniques.
The quasi-dynamic analysis model and various transient and steady-state analysis methods are used to optimize the design of the bearing.
According to different working conditions, we improve the bearing structures in order to meet different needs.

2. Material Use- Precision Bearing

The ring material of high-speed precision machine tool bearings usually selects high-quality electroslag remelted chrome steel with low oxygen content, less non-metallic inclusions, and fine structure so as to improve bearing service life.
The rolling element materials are high-carbon chromium steel and ceramic.
Cage materials include phenolic resin, polyamide, high-quality brass and non-ferrous metals, etc.

3. Manufacturing Process

Through the adjustment and control of process parameters such as quenching, cleaning, tempering temperature and time, the content of retained austenite in the bearing ring is reduced.

Using the structural characteristics of the mesh belt furnace, through the adjustment and control of the quenching temperature and oil temperature, the thermal stress of the bearing ring parts during quenching can be reduced, and the deformation of the thin-walled and large-size bearing ring parts can be greatly reduced.

Adopting advanced heat treatment processes such as carburizing, carbonitriding, cold treatment, ion implantation, surface coating, intermediate frequency quenching, bainite austempering, etc., can significantly improve the impact toughness, microhardness, contact fatigue life, Wear resistance and service life.

Focus on controlling the processing accuracy, efficiency and stability of each link.

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