Motor Bearings Causes of Failures

Motor Bearings Causes of Failures

Motor Bearings Causes of Failures

Motor bearings causes of failures are as below,

1. The quality of the bearing itself

The bearing has problems before unpacking and assembly, for example, loose cage rivets, cage deformation and bumps, and even bearing rust.

2. Improper assembly leads to bumps on the bearing

When assembling the motor bearing, users usually use a hydraulic press to press the outer ring of the bearing into the bearing chamber.
If the bias is applied during the press-in process, the outer ring is likely to deform and damage, and users shouldn’t knock bearing chamber during installation.
When assembling bearing rollers, if there is a deflection, it is easy to produce axial scratches on the roller and raceway surface, which will cause bearing alarming during operation.

3. The effect of cleanliness

①Cleanliness of grease

Bearings have high requirements for grease cleanliness.
If the the lubricant is has particles such as quartz sand, iron filings, it will cause permanent damage to bearing during operation.
As a result, it will seriously affect bearing usage and life time.

②Cleanliness of bearing parts

Bearing parts such as bearing caps, oil guide tubes, end cover bearing chambers, etc. If these parts are not thoroughly cleaned, impurities will come into bearings during assembly, which will affect bearing usage.

③Assembly environment

During bearings assembly process, if there is a lot of floating dust in the surrounding environment, the floating and sinking will come into bearing chamber or bearing grease, which will also cause bearing failure

4. Current corrosion

During the use of the bearing, if an unknown current flows through the bearing, current burning points will generate on the bearing raceway surface and rollers. As a result, it which will affect the service life of bearing.

5. Improper maintenance

When the locomotive is in use, sometimes users don’t maintain it properly and effectively.
Such as: failure to carry out regular quantitative lubrication, failure to control the cleanliness and amount of lubricating grease/oil, inconsistent grease type, bearing oil leakage, etc.

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